Doing the "Hard Thing"

I had a teaching moment with my youngest son recently. He and I are working on being more organized around the house. And so, the further we've traveled down this path, the more I realize just how much we leave things in disarray. On this day, once my son and I returned home from my after school taxi duty, he'd taken off his shoes in the den and quickly disappeared into his room. I'd been sitting at the computer desk in the area for quite a while, when I noticed his sneakers. There they sat behind the couch...still tied; as if he had no intention of retrieving them anytime soon. He eventually made it back into the den, when I questioned him, "Hey Bud, remember, we're doing a better job of picking up after ourselves right?" "Yes Sir!", he replied in agreement. "Okay....so....what's the deal with your shoes?" He dropped his head in disappointment. I assured him that in my eyes, he was still "okay". And yet, it's moments like these, that reveal "the small foxes that destroy the vine" (Song of Sol. 2:15).

In God's Kingdom, it's the little things: the easily overlooked and seemingly insignificant in-disciplines, that make our lives the hardest. Quite frankly, it is these in-disciplines that make our lives miserable. It is the "balancing your checkbook everyday" discipline. Better still, the "balancing your checkbook after each purchase, everyday" discipline. It's the time spent preparing a menu, before you go grocery shopping. Moreover, it's the 10-15 minute devotional time spent with God...or the lack thereof, that makes the difference. These are the "Hard Things" of life, that when conquered, usher in the righteousness, peace and joy of The Kingdom—in Holy Spirit (Rom. 14:17).

I'm sure we can blame unwillingness and outright laziness as the culprit behind our lack of discipline. Yet, it could also be the fact that we ignore the "Still, small voice" that says,

“This is the way you should go,” (Isa. 30:21). I believe, that hearing The Lord's Voice and choosing to follow His voice each moment of our existence, is the very thing that will make the greatest difference in our lives. Though this may seem difficult—the hardest of things—it is this discipline that makes us His Disciples.

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