The Four Steps of Problem-Solving That Lead to YOUR VISION

It's been said that everything you need to know about life, you learn in Kindergarten. I've found that many issues that we are obligated to deal with, have the same four basic steps. And, it follows a repetitious pattern of discovery that we learned in our formative years. Remember those class projects that we did as children? These lessons not only prepared us for life, but they also gave us the insight on how to work together. How to be, "One".

Whether a financial issue, marital issue or you simply feel lost, these four steps will aid you in quickly resolving many of your problems. They are as follows:

  1. What resources do you need?

  2. Where are those resources?

  3. How do you use those resources?

  4. Execute.

Let's take for instance, if you needed to cook a meal. The first thing that you'd want to determine, is what resources you need for the meal. Next, where are those resources? Are you going to go to the grocery store or do you have the ingredients in your refrigerator? Next, you'll need to determine how these resources will be used. Are you going to use a recipe book or are you going to watch a video clip that teaches you how to prepare the meal? Once you've covered the first three steps, you then...EXECUTE. Do you know, that this is where most people have failed to progress in life. Many times, we find comfort in knowing "what" to do, but procrastinate in executing the plan on "how" to do it.

Let's relate this to the Vision that God has given your life. God has given you

a specific Purpose, Mission and Vision. The Purpose for your being here, is "why" you were created. The Mission, is "what" you are supposed to be doing. The Vision is "how" your Purpose and Mission will be fulfilled. When you have a crystal-clear Vision, you will know what to EXECUTE. Moreover, knowing the "why", "what" and "how" of your life, will allow you to quickly progress through these four basic steps of problem-solving. And, it will enable you to be "One" with your fellowman.

In our next post, we will delve further into the subject of your Purpose, Mission and Vision.

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