3 Ways THE WRONG Man can distract a Good Woman...from an Awesome Man.

Most women, (particularly in America) are gullible. They are easily baited in by one desire: SECURITY. This insatiable desire to be secure, blinds them from the Glory that God The Father has for their lives. This leads them to spend years trying to avoid hurt and possess the status, creature comforts and conveniences they've coveted in other women's lives. So much so, they are often willing to accept half a relationship and/or an ungodly relationship to have a partner. It's only after they've been punctured, wounded and bruised by THE WRONG Man, that they finally decide to "do something" with their lives. This new found momentum, comes at the expense of years that could have been invested in God's presence, receiving His Divine Instruction for the very Purpose He's called them to. Nevertheless, embittered by poor, selfish and impatient choices, they assume two conclusions about men:

1. He only wants one thing.

2. He only wants one thing....because that's what the last one wanted.

Therefore, by default, they miss out on men with vision, because they're filtering their life experience through the lens of previous men. This creates the ideal scenario for THE WRONG Man to re-enter their lives. Here are 3 Ways THE WRONG Man can distract a Good Woman...from an Awesome Man:

1. Provision: The WRONG MAN can spot a plant that needs watering from a mile away. A gentle smile, a flirtatious look, can easily trigger which woman hasn't been watered by a man in a long while—even if she's married. So, like satan, he realizes that her problem is "his opportunity". "Give her what she hasn't been getting, and she'll give up what God intended for someone else." -T. Everett Smith

2. Authority: The WRONG MAN knows that when a woman is given the right to make most of the decisions, it makes her feel empowered. He'll say, "Babe, where would you like to go for dinner?" "Which perfume would you prefer?" "Can I help you in any way financially?" This sense of authority...well, it just feels right to her. He must be "the one". Ladies, he probably isn't.

3. Protection: The WRONG MAN knows that every Olive Oil needs a Popeye. Remember, "Give her what she hasn't been getting, and she'll give up what God intended for someone else." Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life (Prov. 13:12). If The WRONG MAN can make her feel protected, this is tethered to her primary desire for security. With this, he captures her heart. She will overlook the fact that he has no vision and no plan.

Ladies, does this describe you? These three: Provision, Authority and Protection, are the very same temptations that satan used against The Lord Jesus in the wilderness (Luke 4:1-13). But like Jesus, you don't have to fall for or succumb to the enemy's deception. God has "the one" for you. And, He is ready to prepare your heart for him...now!

Watch this YouTube Video entitled, "Every Man's 3 BIG Questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-OPxdt8D-s

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